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Facebook Profiles

 Your Facebook profile is your first step. Once you have a personal profile you can start to build business “Fan” pages. Consider building a local business page, a corporation page, a product or services page and your professional super star page! The more pages you build, the more people can find and connect with you and your business!

Facebook “Fan” Pages

Your Facebook Fan Page (where people can “LIKE” your business) is a great way to showcase your products, services, website and promote your business through the free FB Ecommerce application, paid advertising or coupon offerings. You can create check in deals (coupons) for your page visitors and reward them for their visit.

Sample Fan Pages:

More Facebook Business Pages

Your business page is a critical decision, where do you want to start people off, when they find you on Facebook, what do you want them to see first? You can create targeted landing pages, Please Like Us pages, drive the users into your website or store within Facebook.

Sample Pages






Facebook Advertising

Paid advertising on FB is a unique opportunity to target exact customer profiles. You can select your audience by geography, age, languages spoken, children in household, marital status, employment criteria, sports affiliations and hobbies. You can also create any combination of factors to drive your exact prospect into your page at a very reasonable impression/action price. Remember that on Google, you could pay the same price for the click, but have no idea if your visitor meets your screening criteria. . . FB allows for selective advertising.

Ex. If you are selling mini-vans to soccer moms you would choose an audience within 25 miles of your location, female, aged 25-44 with children in household ages 6-12, and an interest/like of soccer. This would help you to know that your ads are directly targeted to the moms that you want to sell your mini-vans to. You can then create the ad with artwork and a message that would appeal to your targeted audience.