Pay Per Click / Click to Call Ads

click call onlySEO Web Mechanics™ offers a transparent SEM/PPC management platform. Get your Call Only ads on page one of Google.  Your ads run on the biggest electronic billboard on the busiest highway – the web!

Professional set up and optional account management drives calls you can convert! You own your ads, you can monitor results and view true cost per call.

PPC Research/Call Only Set up and Launch Campaign includes:

  • Keyword research: Keywords are the foundation of all ad campaigns. Research and industry terms are contrasted with actual search queries to determine the best keywords. Competitive analysis further refines ad selection and defines target consumers.
  • Ad Scripting: Your analyst will create appropriate ads based on keywords, titles and descriptions, ensuring that the ad copy is reaching the target audience and producing desired results.
  • Reports: The Google analytics dashboard is accessible for each campaign. You have 24/7 access to your reports online and can monitor and adjust your ads as needed.

Own your most profitable search terms in your local market!

Set Up/Research Fee: $195

Launch your campaigns within 24 hours!

New Accounts on Google are eligible for a $100 Google Ads Coupon